Our Team

The team at Burhill are a very knowledgeable and friendly team. We all work very closely together for the benefit of all our families.

Sally - Manager - Full Time

Sally is at the centre every day and runs some of the onsite sessions. Sally has had a very long career in supporting and working with children & families she has lots of hands on advice too. Sally has been manager at Burhill for over five years now and makes regular changes to meet the needs of our local children and their families.

Sally oversees the running of all the Children's Centre services ensuring that all statutory duties are met and that all the centre users are receiving the support they require. Sally has a great knowledge of where families can get support outside of the Children's Centre Services.


Outreach Worker -  Claire - Available Monday - Thursday.


What is an Outreach Worker?

At Burhill the Outreach Worker runs sessions both in the centre and in the community. They are qualified and have experience of working with families and young children through a variety of backgrounds and training.

What Support does the Outreach Worker Offer?

We know that you know your child best and that what you want is the best opportunities for your child. We can support you with this through play sessions, advice on parenting, offering a listening ear, meeting you face to face and working with parents and carers to manage their own well-being and to build their own confidence.

"I've been referred to the Children's Centre by my Health Visitor/Social Worker, what happen's next?"

We understand that this may be a very stressful time for you with other professionals involved with you and your family, we are not here to add to your stress. Helen will call to arrange an agreeable time to meet either in your home or at the Centre so that she can best assess the support that you require and the resources we can offer. One to one work will generally last for 6 weeks, however ongoing support is available through Children's Centre groups and activities.


Kristina - Information Officer/Receptionist

Kristina has recently joined us as a member of the team. She is likely to be the first face you see at the Children's Centre. She will ensure that your family is registered so you can take full advantage of our activities. Kristina can give you lots of advice on local activities, finding childcare, school places, financial difficulties, employment and training. She has lots of leaflets and can offer signposting to other agencies e.g. food bank.








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